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Article: 7 Ways to Make a Cozy Bedroom This Winter


7 Ways to Make a Cozy Bedroom This Winter

You know what we absolutely love doing throughout the winter season? It’s staying in our bedroom all day and all night!

For that, it's very important to create a comfortable space for yourself. So, how is this perfectly warm and cozy bedroom created – so you have the snuggest of winter? Let’s find out!

Layer Your Bed

Can you create a cozy bed without our bedding? Absolutely not! After all, your bed is the place where you can finally lay down and relax, so it makes sense that you should spend time and effort in decorating it and layering it up! Pair up our bed sheets with our wide range of duvet covers to do just that!


Mix and match between printed bedding with our solid bedding, so that you can have a beautiful, yet soft safe haven to sleep in. Why stop there? Add an additional layer with our plush blankets to add in touches of extra-warmth and coziness.

Changing Color Schemes

The color scheme can play a huge role is setting the mood for your bedroom. If you’re confused on which colors to opt for, then lighter tones are always a winner during winters. You can use lighter toned bed sheets to match the wall colors and this will tend to make the room appear larger and cozier. Lighter pastel shades also generally have more soothing undertones as compared to darker shades and the perfect choice for winter.

Personalized Corner

Nothing helps create a cozy bedroom more than a snuggly corner for yourself to just relax and be yourself. Add in a swinging chair and just delve in your favorite book. Keep a printed blanket close by in case you get cold and require an added item for warmth.

Plush Blankets

Decorate this space with cushions, photo frames, wall hangings, fairy lights, paints and much more. The options are endless, and trust us, this will become your new favorite corner of your room.


One of the most important things when creating this cozy space is the right kind of light, which helps create a warm ambience. Avoid using harsh white lights, and instead, opt for softer yellow lights that add extra warmth. Moreover, also use different sources of lights such as fairy lights, bedside lamps and ceiling lights. Through this, you can switch between all of them, depending on your mood.


What’s a cozy bedroom without loads of heating? Set the heating systems accordingly so you can keep yourself warm. If you prefer layering up rather than using electrical systems, use our bedspreads and weighted blankets as an extra layer along with the other bedding items to keep yourself warm.

Weighted blankets to keep you warm

Our hot water bottles are also a must-have as they can be used to hold warm water for up to 8 hours, which means you’re all set during your night-time sleep.

Add In Flowers & Plants

Your bedroom needs a solid connection with nature too. While our floral printed bedding should also do the trick, sometimes you need to add in real flowers and plants along the window sill so that you can not only breathe in fresh air and create a serene space but also help improve your health.

Plants to add warmth to your room

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