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Article: A Match Made in Heaven: Your Bed and Our Printed Bed Sheets

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A Match Made in Heaven: Your Bed and Our Printed Bed Sheets

Ever since childhood, we have heard long stories and folk-tales of true love. However, as we grew up, those definitions began to blur and transform. Now, the only love-story we can imagine, is between us and our beds; after a long hard day at work, away from all the stress and miseries of real life. Because nothing says escapism like a good night’s sleep, right?

So why not make the most of that sleep and give yourself the most pleasant experience while doing it? Here are five printed bed sheets that are tailored to do just that! They’re beautiful, visually appealing and will give you the softest touch as you dream away! The said prints come in various patterns and florals, delightfully adorned on a range of attractive colored bases.

Minimalism is the New Trend

If you’re a fan of minimalist bed sheets and neutral shades, then Belinda Bed Sheet Set is the perfect fit for you! Wild Peonies with shades of pink and white, accessorized with green leaves sit on a beautiful cream-base. The soft feel of the cotton with the wonderfully patterned florals will make sure feels as if sleeping on cloud nine! Pair it with any grey-ivory-colored blanket and together the two will make sleeping the highlight of your day!

bed sheets

Roll Out the Red Carpet!

Bold colors like red are a tricky business. Using them either result in something mind-blowing, or going down the deep end! Our Pedro Floral Red Bed Sheet Set is the complete definition of the former! While the red base remains the focus of the design, the combination of this red base with white flowers decorated on it gives it an extremely classic touch. Sleeping on this sheet, with a solid red blanket wrapped around you is going to give a feeling no less than walking down the red carpet!

bed sheets

Forget Walks in The Park – Stroll in An Enchanted Forest, instead!

Who said flowers always had to be bright and dazzling? They can be dark-toned and yet, still appealing to look at! Our Venom Garden Bed Sheet Set is proof enough! Made from Tulipa Agenesis with mixed colors of orange, red and matched with green leaves, are adorned intricately on a dark base. All these elements come together to give you an illusion of a charming and enchanting forest!

bed sheets

Dreaming Amidst a Garden

Ever thought of what it would feel like, sleeping in a garden, the sky as the ceiling and stars as your companions? We bring this similar experience right to your bedroom, with our Night Garden Bed Sheet Set. Taking a different route with florals, the Chinese Peonies, complimented by the baby buds lay ornamented on a midnight blue colored base. The amalgamation of the colors of blue, coral and pink bring out the best experience to sleep on.

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Life Is Like an Ocean

Make your nights (and days) as calm and peaceful as the sea by investing in our Atlantis Bed Sheet set! The beautiful floras gracefully fashioned on a soft white base will be the perfect piece to provide you with a relaxing and comfortable sleep! Match these subtle colors with lavender or any other solid duvet cover and give yourself the feelings of sleeping in the middle of a sea or an ocean, with all troubles and worries far, far away!

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