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Article: What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Favorite Bed Sheet?

What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Favorite Bed Sheet? - THE LINEN COMPANY

What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say About Your Favorite Bed Sheet?

A bedroom is that one place that everybody turns to after a stressful day to find extreme comfort. Which is why, it is of upmost importance that you select the bedding that help you relax the most and is most appealing to look at.

Different people prefer different bedroom styles; varying in color schemes, designs, fabric preferences and so on. Many people rely on their zodiac signs to make many decisions of their lives; major or minor. We, at The Linen Company, thought of giving a fun twist and analyze what bed sheet would suit you the most, according to your personality traits. So, if you’re one of those people, brace yourselves for we’re about to help you make all your bedding decisions much easier.


bed sheet set

Starting off with the water bearers of the lot, with the element of Air. Accordingly, they are associated with the color blue, or other colors with underlying natural tones. They are perceived as progressive and humanitarian. For them, we suggest our Atlantis Bed Sheet Set, that suits them perfectly with its soft colors and delicate patterns, that adds in the extra calming effect for their bedroom.


purple bed sheet

Associated with fish in water, Pisces are seen as loving, artistic and compassionate. As artists, they add a dreamy and imaginative effect to most things and the colors of this sign range from green to blue, which also includes shades of lilac. The Purple Rose Bed Spread would be the most-appropriate bed sheet for them, that matches well with their gentle and intuitive nature.


Determined and passionate, the kind of confidence that is exuded from Aries is enough to make them achieve whatever their heart desires. Their element is indicated by Fire, that makes their associated color, Red (rightfully so!). Matching with these fiery qualities, we suggest our Solid Maroon Bed sheet, that’ll be the ideal choice for their personality.


green bed sheet

Considered to be the most practical star sign, they believe in bearing the fruits of their labor. This is why, Taurus represents the element of Earth, due to their grounded nature. Contrasting between shades of pink and green, our Summer Palm Bed Spread fits their personality type, with its green tones that represent their devotion towards nature.


The star sign that is believed to have two types of personalities. While some may see this as a negative trait, it can easily be perceived as a positive one too. It simply shows that they are able to show a range of human emotions, depending on circumstances. Their color palette includes tones of light-green and mainly yellow, which matches the description of our Summer Bed Sheet Set, which goes well with their fun and happy side.


white bed sheet

Feelings and cancer are thought to be synonymous with each other, as they see the world to the perspective of emotions and empathy. Associated often with the moon and water, their go-to color is white or silver. Keeping this in mind, the Stripped White Bed Sheet Set is the model set for people with subtle and sensitive nature.


red bed sheet

Regarded as the sign that drips of boldness and luxury. Nothing can get past them, as they can charm anyone and anything. Befittingly, the token for Leo is a lion and elements of fire, showcasing them as leaders of the jungle with true personality traits for a born-leader. Displaying such qualities of luxury, strength, passion and drama is our Pedro Floral Red Bed sheet set, that complements the boldness of a Leo.


bed sheet set

Planning a task comes best to Virgos, as they tend to make sure that all details are met with the keenest eye. In view of such perfectionism, they’re hardworking, analytical and extremely practical. Such perfectionism only deserves the best, which is our Vintage Flora Bed Sheet Set, made with elegant florals and subtle shades of grey and ivory, to match with their exuberance.


bed sheet set

Libras believe in balance for everything. For them, harmony is a major factor in all aspects of their lives. Establishing this harmony makes them diplomatic and fair. This balance is attained with the use of our Mystic Bed Sheet Set, with printed motifs and designs that sway in a systematic pattern.


bed sheet set

As determined as anyone can get, Scorpios face every challenge with focus and careful attention, making no task unattainable. Fulfilling said tasks also make them extremely resourceful and passionate towards it. Despite all this, they’re still able to maintain an atmosphere of mystery around them. Our Venom Garden Bed Sheet set fits this description perfectly and act as the ideal bedding set for them.


Bed sheet set

Whenever somebody is in need of an adventure, one person who they can turn to is a Sagittarius. They love travelling, making new friends and are full of enthusiasm. Our Lavender Purple Solid Bed Spread is ideal for them, as the classy shades of purple complement the wander in them.


bed sheet set

When it comes to punctuality and responsibility, nobody can outrun a Capricorn. They take on any challenge that is thrown in their direction, and complete it with due intelligence and discipline. Represented by a Goat and with elements of Earth, their go-to color is Charcoal. Which is why, our Charcoal Solid Sheets are the precise sheets that work with this sign.

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