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Article: Treat Yourself With a DIY Spa At Home – Using Our Bath Supplies

Treat Yourself With a DIY Spa At Home – Using Our Bath Supplies - THE LINEN COMPANY

Treat Yourself With a DIY Spa At Home – Using Our Bath Supplies

Do you find yourself in desperate need of a relaxing Spa Day, but neither your schedule nor your bank can allow it? Worry not, for we’ve come up with the perfect solution! Everyone deserves to get pampered every once in a while. The Linen Company aims to put your comfort as their first-most priority, which is why we’ve come up with this simple guide that’ll allow you to get a spa-like procedure, right at home!

To carry out a DIY Spa at home, use some of our bath supplies such as bathrobes, plush towels and so much more! Forget salons and parlors, as this guide is enough to give yourself the most refreshing experience that’ll be easy to conduct at home, saving time and money!

bath robes

Setting The Stage

Find yourself the comfiest spot in your room. Spread open an old bed sheet that you can sit on and set up camp. Put on the softest music in the background, so that the sounds of the melody can help you in releasing your stress. With this, carefully position some scented candles so that all your auditory and olfactory senses can reach their utmost potential, to provide you with the highest levels of satisfaction.

You can create a small DIY corner, where you can mix and match different products that will give you the most-refreshing facial with the minimal products. Different combinations of ingredients give different results. Depending on skin types of dry, oily or a combination of both, you can go for a Honey-Oats combo, Coconut and Honey, or if you’re looking for a more natural look, you can create a paste of strawberries and yogurt to get this refreshing look!


The Main Event

Draw a bath for yourself using your most-favorite bath bombs that’ll help eliminate all tensions and stress. Step into the bath while wearing the face mask so that the longer it stays, the better results it’ll create. A relaxing bath while your favorite music plays in the background, surrounded by the smells of the scented candles mixed with the bath bombs are bound to give you an outwardly experience. Stepping out of the bath, wrap yourself up in the comfiest bathrobes that’ll act as the perfect accomplish to the reviving experience you just had.

bath robes

The Aftermath

Back in your room, give your hands a treat by carrying out a manicure by using a few lotions that’ll give an extra soft feel and ending the manicure session by applying your most favorite nail polish, that’ll brighten up your nails and your day. Carry out a similar pattern for your pedicure, because why should your feet be left behind. End the night by taking a warm shower to rid yourself of all unnecessary tensions on your shoulders.

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