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Article: Beat the Back-to-School Blues with The Linen Company

back to school

Beat the Back-to-School Blues with The Linen Company

As the month of September rolls over, it just means one thing: back-to-school. The summer vacation is over, gone are the days of staying up late, and it’s time to get back into the same old routine. While the new school year should bring in feelings of excitement, what it actually brings are a range of emotions for most children. They feel mixed emotions all the way from joy of meeting their friends, to anxious thoughts of new classes, new teachers and this is when the fear of the unknown starts to kick in!

This is why, it’s extremely important to start preparing children beforehand and ease them into this transition. Hence, The Linen Company helps bring this starter pack for must-do activities for the night before their first day of school!

Unwind With a Bath!

Nothing beats nervous jitters like a warm bath before bedtime. It’s important to give your children the most relaxing bath, using scents and bath bombs that exude fragrance that will greatly help ease their nerves. Wrap them around in the softest towels and ensure that they are all ready for bed!

A Good Night’s Sleep!

The most important thing to ensure a productive day ahead (for adults and children both), is to make sure that you get a proper 8 hours sleep! Sleep Procrastination can become a person’s worst enemy, especially the night before an important day. To avoid this, put your child to bed at a reasonable time and stay with them till they fall asleep.

One way to ensure that they get a comfortable sleep is by making their bedding as cozy and snuggly as you can. The more relaxing the bed, the better they sleep! Our Kids bedding collection is designed to do just that: offer your little one’s the highest level of comfort! The creative prints will appeal to them, making them rush to bed way before bed-time.

kids bed sheets

Accompany those bed sheets with the plushiest blankets or duvet covers. These will be the perfect bed item to keep them warm all night. Research has proven that a deep and relaxing sleep is a major antidote for any kind of stress or anxiety.

Let’s Pack That Bag!

One thing that excites children the most is getting new school supplies - because who doesn’t love the feel of unused notebooks, new packs of color pencils and all other kinds of stationary? We sure still do! It’s always better to be prepared beforehand and check things off the list so that your child is fully prepared for the next day.

packing school bag

Make Your Plan

An important must-do activity that parents sometimes look over is carefully planning the next day, which may lead to last-minute problems. Make sure you have a clear view of what time you wake up, what time you wake your child up, when you leave the house and most importantly, what route you should follow to school! Given the traffic conditions, it’s always better to leave way before time so that your child doesn’t get late on their very first day!

making a checklist

D-Day Is Here!

The morning of the first day of school, make sure that your child has a complete breakfast, is ready on time and you’re out the door well before required to avoid any road-blocks. Wish them all the best with the cheeriest smile, and off they go, to explore higher grounds and experience newer things!

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