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Article: Introducing: Printed Plush Blankets

Introducing: Printed Plush Blankets - THE LINEN COMPANY

Introducing: Printed Plush Blankets

Just when you thought The Linen Company was just about done bringing softness and comfort into your life, we did it again! This time, it’s so much better than before!

Our recently introduced printed blankets are the perfect amalgamation of fun and comfort. Let’s see how, one blanket at a time!


Elements of Fun

Who doesn’t love being snuggled under blankets of joy and merriment, right? At least, we know, we do!

With different animated graphic representations displayed immaculately on the plush blankets – they promise to bring comfort and joy into your lives! From delicate hearts and checkered patterns all the way to striped patterns, these blankets come in many forms. Explore the beautiful side of nature with reindeers, cotton candy skies, elegant florals and so much more!


If you already have a perfectly made bed with our bed sheets and duvet covers – then this is the perfect accessory to layer up your bed with! After all, it’s winter and more is definitely more!

A Unique Color Palette

Imagine being able to choose from a wide range of unique bedding color options – with each representative of the softness that it entails. Our Tea Pink Printed Blanket is created from the charming dusty-rose pink hues, while Cotton Candy Printed Blanket is made from the sweetness of baby pink shades.

If you’re a fan of blue, then we have many options for your too, with colors like Aqua Marine, Aegean Blue, Arctic Blue and Surf-Spray Blue – all used to create different printed blankets.


Our checkered and striped blankets are not to be forgotten! With blue, brown and white checkered boxes making our Oxford Printed Blankets and white and blue lines forming the perfect symmetrical striped on the Sea Stripe Printed Blankets.

8 Different Options

Just like we always say, we have something for everyone! If you’re a fan of minimalistic printed bedding  – then our checkered and striped blankets would be the perfect option for you! However, if you like to add hints of fun to your space, then hype it up with monochrome hearts, reindeers and beautiful florals.


While all 8 designs may look visually different, they all serve the same purpose: they promise to provide you with the ultimate softness and comfort!


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