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Article: Essential Bedding Items for New Parents

baby fitted sheets

Essential Bedding Items for New Parents

Parents of newborns live in a dichotomy. On the one hand, they’re extremely happy and delighted to be welcoming a new addition to their family, however, on the other hand, they have to endure long days and numerous sleepless nights. This is because reaching the optimal sleep balance with your baby is a difficult task as whole.

We, at The Linen Company can understand the daily struggle faced by new parents, so we decided to help out in the best way we can; improving sleep quality of your newborns! According to research, the sleeping patterns of newborns can be effected by various different factors. So, we’re here to help you improve just that!

Welcoming Newborns To A World of Comfort

Our newly launched baby fitted sheets should be on the top of your list when going shopping for the little one. They come in a range of prints; exploring different elements of the animated world - from planes to boats, choose their ride to dreamland! Take them to a beach party and enjoy in the midst of beach balls, cool shades and pink flamingoes! Or let them float among the clouds, free from all things of discomfort and towards a calming sleep.

baby fitted sheets

Cute prints are one thing, the most important feature of these baby fitted sheets is that they are made from 100% organic cotton which has been approved by the Global Organic Textile Standards. One admirable quality of our bed sheets is that they are also hazard-free. This means that parents don’t have to place any extra items such as cushions or toys on the edges of their beds in order to keep the sheets smooth, and prevent them from hanging lose on the sides.

baby fitted sheets

Why Should Newborns Have All the Fun?

Once you’ve put the little one to bed, and off they go to dreamland; now what? Now, you take time for yourself! If your newborn is sleeping peacefully on the softest cotton bed sheets, then you deserve the same treatment!

Our wide range of bedding caters to the needs and matches the aesthetic of everyone. While your baby sleeps in the midst of beach parties or clouds, you can sleep in the middle of florals gardens and lovely patterns with our printed bedding. If you’re the minimalist kind, you can also get yourself a solid-colored bedsheet. Our softest cotton fabrics are bound to give you and at the same time your newborn, the most peaceful sleep - achieving the perfect parent-child sleep balance.

bed sheets

Moreover, the maximum level of comfort is unattainable without the cozy hug of blankets. Which is why, you should get yourself the softest blankets, according to your tastes. Whether you choose a striped blanket, a weighted blanket or even if you’re a fan of waffle duvets, they all serve the same purpose: giving you the coziest snuggle ever!


For extra comfort, keep a hot water bottle close by! So, anytime you feel cold, or one of those cramps start causing you discomfort, the bottle is right by your side. The water inside remains warm for up to 8 hours, so you can keep it with you for longer periods of time, without having to keep refilling them. The softest faux-fur protects the bottle, and prevents your skin from any burns.

Out The Bedroom, And Into The Bathroom!

One other way we can help out, is by giving your newborn the ultimate comfort inside the bedroom, and inside the bathroom. Every time you have to clean them up, or give them a warm bath, wrap them around in our softest Egyptian Cotton Towels. These towels have the smoothest feel against your baby’s skin, preventing any kind of rash or rough texture against the skin.

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