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Article: Difference Between Percale, Sateen & Waffle Weave

Waffle Duvet Cover

Difference Between Percale, Sateen & Waffle Weave

We get it! The world of bedding is a confusing one, and it’s easy to get lost among so many different options! However, that’s exactly what we’re here for, right? To make your bed sheets choice easier and help you pick the perfect sheets for yourself, so that you can have the warmest sleep ever!

One of the many confusing aspects about bedding is understanding weaves and the differences in percale, sateen and waffle weave. So come, let’s dissect one by one.

What’s A Weave?

A weave is the pattern with which a fabric is created or woven, using long threads of different sources, such as cotton, which help create cotton sheets. They can follow different patterns and end up creating different grid-like options. These patterns are eventually what differentiates the percale, sateen or waffle weaves.

Percale Weave

This type of weave has long-threads following a simple one-over-one-under grid like pattern. What this eventually creates is a fabric that has a very fine, crisp and matte finish to it. Our percale sheets are smooth to touch, which also makes them highly breathable and light-weight, ensuring you get a warm sleep.

Percale Weave

Our baby fitted sheets, made with 100% cotton are created using the percale weave. Our eucalyptus bedding are also made with a percale weave, which gives them a very crisp matte finish.

Sateen Weave

On the other hand, the sateen weave follows a one-under-three-over pattern. The long-threads are tightly woven together, which gives this weave a heavier texture, as compared to the percale weave. This heaviness works in it’s favor and gives the fabric an extra smooth and luminous feel to it. Sateen sheets are incredibly soft and act as the perfect sheets to fall asleep on (especially in winters)

Sateen Weave

Our wide range of solid bedding is created from a sateen weave. Delve in the wide range of solid-colored bedding and enjoy the luxurious and silky feel of the sateen weave.

Waffle Weave

Our entire range of Waffle Bedding follows the very interesting waffle weave pattern. Living up to its name, the waffle weave follows a distinct texture of three-dimensional small squares, which curate a grid-like pattern that provides extra warmth.

Waffle Duvet Covers

Perfectly designed to cater to hot-sleepers, the highly breathable and moisture-wicking features of the waffle weave make our waffle duvet covers very light-weight and extra comfy. Found in not one, not two, but five beautiful and unique colors. From darker shades of Plum & Night-Sky to pastel tones of Salmon Pink, Grey & Frosted Ice, we have it all!

You already feel better about your bedding options, right? We’re always happy to help!

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