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Article: Refashioning 101 - Giving Your Living Room A Makeover

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Refashioning 101 - Giving Your Living Room A Makeover

When we say we will look after every room in your house, we actually mean every room! Whether it’s through the most comfortable best sheets and duvet cover sets for your bed-room, or it’s the softest towels for your bath-room, or if it’s providing you with a combination of comfort and beauty for your living-room; we help do it all!

While we can always help you revamp your bedroom, or even give tips to elevate your bathroom - this time, we decided to go a step further. We thought we'd lend you a helping hand again, and give you a detailed guide on how you can change your living room aesthetic and enhance the overall look of the place – courtesy of our products, of course!

Change Your Furniture Setting

You can’t do a makeover without changing things around a little. So, this should be your que to start with the easiest of steps, and rearrange your furniture. It’s amazing how such a simple step can completely change the entire outlook of your living room. Turn the couch around and place it next to the window, maybe? Or switch the sides of the television and place it on the opposite wall, above the fireplace? The rearrangement options are countless!

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Select Your Color Palette

It’s very important to create your mood board before you move onto the next steps. A major part of your mood board is the color scheme that you select, whether you want to go for darker shades or neutral ones, florescent colors or pastel tones – so many options to choose from! Another thing to decide is your overall style, whether you want contemporary look, a modern or a traditional one. You can even create a fusion of a modern, yet traditional living room.

Elements of Comfort

The entire point of giving your living room a makeover is to bring in elements of both beauty AND comfort - because nobody would want to sit in a visually appealing, but uncomfortable space. This is why, you cozy it up! And how do you do that? You add in blankets!

Our wide range of plush blankets; ranging all the way from solid-colored plain ones to striped blankets and waffles too! For those extra chilly mornings and nights, you can keep a weighted blanket nearby too! Mix and match these with your room’s overall color palette, as they can act as the perfect accessory for color breaking.


Wall Art Is the Way to Go!

Designing a wall is the most fun part of the entire makeover! This is your chance to get creative with all items that you have laying around or even bringing out your inner artist. Spruce up your wall by using various arts and crafts techniques and creating the most creative and personalized of items. Hang photo frames, artworks, mirrors, quotations and calendars etc. If you want, you can put up shelves on this wall too and decorate them with plants, books, fishbowls and so much more!

Final Touches to Complete the Look

After you have remodeled the room according to your needs and tastes, now you add in decorations! From rugs to lamps, from heirloom pieces to contemporary and fashionable artwork – now is the time to bring out your inner interior designer to the forefront! Add in cushions with the most beautiful patterns to not only ornament your couch, but also for the additional factor of comfort! 


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