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Article: Blanket Fever – 6 Creative Ways You Can Use Our Blankets


Blanket Fever – 6 Creative Ways You Can Use Our Blankets

In simple terms, a blanket is any piece of cloth that you can put over your bed to keep yourself warm.

However, if you ask us for our definition, it would be something along the following lines: “A large piece of the coziest and warmest fabric that immediately melts away all your troubles the second it touches your skin when you wrap it around yourself” Yes, that seems about right!


If that is not appealing enough for you, we have other reasons too for why you should invest in us. Our blankets provide comfort like never before - offered in a wide variety of options for you to choose; from waffles to striped, from microfiber to weighted – we have it all!

Therefore, our blankets will not only keep you warm at night, but can be used in many different ways! Here, we have narrowed them down for you, so that you can make the most out of these blankets.

The Obvious: Sleep with It

Yes, we’ll start with the elephant in the room! A long and hard day later, as you dive straight into bed on our most comfortable bed sheet sets, allow our blankets to welcome you with the softest of hugs! Especially in winters, if you want an added layer alongside the duvet covers and bedspreads, then these should be your go-to option! You can wrap these around yourself as you embark on the most soothing sleep on our bed sheets, perfectly complemented by the plush blankets.


The Perfect Gift for Winters

As we march towards the winter months, our blankets can act as the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to gifting. Whether somebody is getting married, having a baby, moving into a new house, or there’s a festive event – these blankets inside our gift boxes make for the perfect gift or all of these occasions! They can be super functional in many aspects and will be greatly used and loved by all!

gift box

Decorate Your Sofa

Sometimes, the main purpose of an item is just to enhance the beauty of a room! Our blankets can do that, too! Give your living room a makeover by draping it around a sofa or a couch to adorn them and bring a pop of color to the room. If you follow a neutral color code, then this is the perfect piece for color-breaking to add a boost of charm!


Accessorize your Picnic Mat

As we say goodbye to Summer Season and head towards the cooler days, this is the perfect time of the year to go out on picnics! While you’re planning and packing your picnic baskets for these picnics, an essential item on your list should be these blankets. You can easily wrap them around your legs as the night gets chillier.

Camping Partner

Head towards the northern areas for a hike among the mountains with our bedding. These nights are the ideal time to go camping, as they get shorter and are not too cold or too warm. As you head up the mountains, our lightweight blankets act as the perfect companion for you to wrap around yourself as you sit and relax while the flames of a bonfire fire before you. 

Use it as an Accent Piece

Who said blankets can’t be used as art? We say that they totally can! Try hanging these solid-colored bedding on the wall and see how it creates a beautiful art piece. If not that, adorn it around the edges of a mirror or a chair, and it will enhance the overall look of not just the furniture, but give a wonderful effect to the overall room!



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