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Article: Organize and Declutter - Bedding Edition

Organize your bed sheets

Organize and Declutter - Bedding Edition

Bed linen is an essential part of any house and you can never get enough of it. However, how do you store them? You could fit them with your clothing but there's a limit to how much it can hold. You could stuff the duvet covers and fillings inside bags to keep in your store room but that might ruin their look. Then what is the right way to store your bedding? Here are some easy suggestions!

Drawers for bedding

Give It Proper Space 

Whether it is a flat bed sheet or a huge fluffy bedspread, proper storage would help it retain its shape and look good for longer. We suggest using a proper space just like you do for your clothing. A few ways it can be done is by getting a bed with extra storage or you can buy storage bags and keep them under your bed. Getting a chest of drawers with various sizes is also a good way to store bedding in a more organized way.

fold bed sheets

Folding Makes The Deal

No matter where you store it, if done properly, it would look good and stay for longer. It is always better to properly fold the bedding before storing it since it’ll make them look extra neat. We know fitted sheets are a hassle to fold so here is a guide on how to do it the right way. We also advise you to get vacuum storage bags for your fillings and pillows so that they take less space and stay in shape. 

We hope these tips help you store and retain your bedding better and enjoy comfortable sleeps for a long period of time. 

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