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Article: Set Up The Perfect Backyard Movie Night With Us!

Movie Night Essentials

Set Up The Perfect Backyard Movie Night With Us!

Backyard movie nights are always fun to plan with your friends and family. There is nothing quite like watching a movie under the stars with a big bowl of popcorn and some cheesy nachos on the side. With the right equipment, you can set up your own movie theatre in no time!

 bed sheets as projector screen

Projector, Sheet & Sound System

First, you can buy any reliable projector with optimal quality for playback. Next up, either use a plain white cotton bedsheet or a wrinkle-free outdoor movie screen; both would work fine! Bluetooth speakers will work fine but make sure they are loud enough to compete with the outdoor noise.

Blankets & Lots Of Cushions

Who does not love blankets on a cold night? You will need fluffy plush blankets to keep you warm and be your companion for the night. Blankets and comfy cushions add to the nostalgic and homely elements.

 movie night snacks

Snacks & Drinks

At times, it is the little details that make our everyday occasions memorable. You can opt for popcorn boxes and fill them up with home-made popcorn. The movie theatre themed boxes are a fun add-on to your movie night and are also easily available. If you want to give it a fancy spin, prepare more snacks like nachos and retro tableware!

We wish you a great movie night!

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