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Article: What is Sleep Procrastination And How Can You Avoid It?

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What is Sleep Procrastination And How Can You Avoid It?

Do you ever wonder why you feel like staying up late without any legitimate reason? You have nothing to do in particular, there are no distractions but you still can't sleep? Don’t worry, you are not the only one! Such an experience is termed as Sleep Procrastination since your behavior mimics that of the normal procrastination you all normally experience but against sleep.

Can't sleep

Why Does It Happen?

There are a number of reasons why you might experience sleep procrastination and one of those is the root of a major chunk of your problems; Stress. People prefer to stay up and spend some leisure time to calm down before bed which ends up impacting their routine adversely. Apart from this, if you aren’t able to maintain a work-life balance, this might also end up delaying your sleep time since you have to spend time getting done with your goals. The lack of a comfortable sleeping space can also act as a cause since the desire to be in bed reduces and hence, you avoid it.

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How Can You Prevent It?

Things might get a little hard here since the solution requires you to step out of your comfort zone. This method is a little old school but setting a proper routine and sticking to it no matter how hard it gets for you (trust us! It works). Another effective remedy is the reduction of blue-light since if you aren’t exposed to it in a controlled amount, it can reduce your sleep and even cause sleep disorders.

Having a very soothing and cozy bedroom can also help since the comfort might calm your nerves and help drift you to sleep. In order to do that, you should invest in light and soft bed sheets, cuddly blankets and lots of cushions (I’d stay in that bed forever if I could!). 

If you are experiencing sleep procrastination you should take these preventive measures for sure, since ignoring it can cause you to become sleep deprived. This would reduce your productivity and have an undesirable effect on your mood as well. We hope that this helps you get on that perfect sleep routine!

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