Fulfilling Your Bedding Needs - Up North With The Linen Company

It’s that time of the year again! When the mountains and cool weather convince you enough to sway you away from the routines and stresses of normal life. However, trips up north can be quite a hassle for somebody so used to the city life. While the fresh air, steep mountains or angel-white clouds of Murree and Nathia Gali are enough to make for an enjoyable day, the nights also require the perfect treatment. Hence, The Linen Company brings to you 5 bedding essentials and bathroom supplies that are must-takes for your trip to the hilly areas.

view of mountains from bed

Smooth as Silk Bedsheets

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to come back to clean and soft bed sheets to lay down on after a tiresome day of sightseeing and a shopping spree on Murree Mall Road? Yes, it would! Get rid off those sore feet and drowsiness and travel with our cotton bed sheets and duvet cover sets, for a reminder of home, away from home. Accessorize a spot by the window with our intricately designed cushions and pillows to make for the perfect cozy night in, with a most-loved book or your go-to rom-com, in the midst of wilderness.

wrapped around blankets with bonfire

Warm Embrace of Blankets

Imagine this: you’re sitting in the midst of glorious mountains, with a bonfire set ablaze right in front of your eyes, having warm Chai and Coffee, making chocolate smores and listening to your favorite nostalgic songs play in the background, while the cold wind blow away your stress. Boost these heavenly moments by snuggling around our plush blankets that’ll not only prevent from the chilly weather but will also act as the perfect complement to the picturesque back-drop.

trek in the mountains

Eliminate those Trekking Blues

A trip to the northern areas is incomplete without a mandatory hike on those steep hills. An essential item to carry in your backpacks are towels that’ll be your greatest weapon against the war of sweat! Carry along bath mats too so you can stop and relax anywhere for a little break, all the while avoiding the many insects crawling around in the wild.

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