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Article: What To Do With Old Bedding?

Bed sheets

What To Do With Old Bedding?

Tired of hoarding onto old bed sheet sets and towels that take up way too much of closet space? Well, hoard no more! For we bring to you a number of creative ways in which you can use these old sheets in the most fruitful and effective way possible!

Reusable Grocery Bags:

Making reusable grocery bags from bed sheets

Save the environment from the comfort of your homes! Yup, that’s right, we have a brilliant idea to do just that! Use your unused pillowcases in the most practical way possible. Cut open the pillow cases from the top, stitch on the remaining leftover material to make handles and you’re good to go. Exempt yourself from using plastic bags and use these fabric bags to carry grocery items instead.

Perfect Picnic Mats:

Blankets used as picnic mats

Summers call for the quintessential picnic trips to the park, carrying picnic baskets of the tastiest snacks, sunscreen and fun board games. Make these trips worthwhile by using old blankets to act as the ideal mats. Soak in the summer sun while sitting on plush and comfortable mats, made out of the finest material.

Cleaning Supplies:

Utilize your old towels to make cleaning supplies, like drying off washed utensils, cleaning the kitchen, or cutting down your fancy towels into smaller size pieces to make table coasters, using past cotton sheets to make dusting rags or even table napkins, and so much more!

Arts and Crafts:

What can be more soul-pleasing than little DIY activities at home? Bring into play unneeded bed spreads and paint onto them, bringing your inner artists to the forefront. Employ kids’ bed sheets that your children have outgrown to make interesting and large puzzle sets. Just cut down pieces of the designed bedding sheets, shuffle them up and ask your little ones to connect all the pieces.


What better way to make use of old bedding sets than donating them to people who need them the most. Contribute towards goodwill by supplying them items such as towels, blankets and bed sheets to homeless shelters, orphanages and other such institutions or foundations.


Building forts from duvet covers

Build a fort:

Gather around your little ones for an exciting afternoon project. Assemble all your unused duvet covers; connect the covers with each other by tying them from ends, arrange them over high chairs or any other high standing furniture, and use pillows, cushions or blankets to keep them standing upright. Set up a movie, with a small side table full of snacks and enjoy the evening snuggled up in your comfy home-fort.

DIY Curtains:

Making curtains from duvet covers

Bring out your inner designer, carpenter and artist all at once. Use old duvet cover sets in the most creative way by utilizing them and making curtains out of them. Start off by measuring your windows, then cut up all the excess fabric. Using home electric appliances like drill machines, attach your previous duvet covers onto your windows for the most visually appealing customizations to your homes.

Couch Covers:

Protect those couches from the jarring coffee spills or ketchup stains by putting those unutilized duvet covers or fitted sheets to use, and making couch covers that provide an additional layer and preserve those spaces from unwanted accidents.

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