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Article: Refresh Your Space With Top Bedroom Trends Of 2021

Refresh Your Space With Top Bedroom Trends Of 2021

Refresh Your Space With Top Bedroom Trends Of 2021

Your bedroom is a space that is the closest to you and where most of your time is spent resting, relaxing and unwinding from the day’s hectic routine. Your bedroom also reflects your personality and your sense of style; therefore, it should be decorated with love and should be made in to a calming and cozy retreat for you.

Bedroom trends keep on changing and so should our bedroom interior. So, here are some hottest bedroom interior trends of 2021.

Emphasis on headboards

Your bed is the most prominent piece of furniture in your room so make sure that it stands out the most. Tufted headboards are the latest trend, so try going for a tall, large and tufted headboard.

This will instantly give your room some drama and an added benefit is that these headboards are not very expensive, so this will give your room an instant oomph in an inexpensive way.

Comfortable bedding

Your bedding is one of the most important part of your bedroom, the bedding should be extremely comfortable, cozy and inviting. In 2021, the trend has turned towards beddings with natural fibers instead of synthetic materials.

One hot trend is of the Eucalyptus bed sheets that are available at The Linen Company for the first time in Pakistan. These eucalyptus sheets are amazingly soft, silky and aesthetically pleasing.

Go for wallpapers  

To add more character to your room, try using wallpapers, as dull and boring walls are now in the past. This will also add some color and life to the bedroom which will elevate the entire ambiance.

Try going for elegant wallpapers that aren’t too loud as you do not want the wallpaper to dominate your bedroom. Also, start with smaller areas to experiment and then move to the larger walls.

Bed Frames

Canopy bed frames have come in to fashion recently which will make your room a little different from the conventional rooms and also adds a dramatic touch to it.

These canopy bed frames are elegant, chic and goes really well with today’s modern aesthetics.  

Statement Pieces

If you feel like your room is too dull or minimalistic and you also don’t want to experiment with bright colors, then make it bold with some signature statement pieces that will instantaneously bring your room to life. Try adding luxury pieces like velvet fabrics, wooden flooring, fancy side tables, vases, bold lamps, indoor plants or a rustic clock.

Bring in some color

White bedrooms can sometimes be very relaxing and calming, however, they can be boring as well and can come off as very uninteresting. Try going for some color and opt for pastels such as aqua, pastel green, magic mint, pastel lilac, periwinkle blue, mauve, baby pink and pastel pea.

Now that you know all about the hottest trends of 2021, head straight to your bedroom and start planning all the changes that you’ll be doing this year to make you comfort area a jaw dropping site.


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