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Article: Tips to Sleep Better At Night

Tips to Sleep Better At Night - THE LINEN COMPANY

Tips to Sleep Better At Night

Are you sleep deprived and tired of tossing and turning at night for some sleep? More and more people now a days have started to experience difficulty in sleeping at night. This lack of quality sleep results in a lot of mental and physical issues and the overall energy levels and productivity declines significantly during the next day.

A good night’s sleep is one of the most important things for the well-being of our mind and body and one should at least have a quality sleep of around seven to nine hours. Quality sleep at night helps your body repair and rest properly whereas a lack of quality sleep can lead to weight gain, lack of productivity and concentration, chances of stroke, heart diseases, diabetes, depression and a slow immune system.

Let’s now discuss some tips to help you have a good night’s sleep:

1. Follow a schedule

Make a schedule for your sleep and try to sleep and wakeup at almost the same time every day and even on the weekends. This regular sleeping pattern will make you sleep better at night and will also make you sleep faster. Also, try sleeping for around 7-9 hours per day and avoid looking at the clock again and again as it will make you stressed and will distort your sleep.

2. Meditate

Meditate before bed by clearing your head and saying goodbye to all the stress and worries of the day. Distract your mind by filling it with things other than worries and think about what you like. Also, practice deep breathing or try to pray to invoke your spiritual side.

Play relaxing melodies and try using relaxing scents like lavender. It is also beneficial to take a hot bath before sleeping as it deeply relaxes your body.

3. Say yes to daylight

Try to get exposed to more bright light during the day, preferably natural light. This will send a signal to the brain that it is day and that you have to sleep in 10 hours from now. Also try to reduce blue light exposure during the night as it will send a signal to the brain that it is still daytime.

Dim the lights and switch off the television, computers and smart phone around an hour before going to sleep.

4. Cut down caffeine

Try to not consume caffeine, especially coffee, around 5 to 6 hours before sleeping as caffeine really disrupts the sleep. Also, try to avoid alcohol consumption at night as well as any fluid intake should be limited 1 to 2 hours before bed.

If you still need coffee, then trying going for a decaffeinated option.

5. Make your room comfortable

Sleep really depend on where you are sleeping, so try to make your room as comfortable as possible. Try to keep your room dark and quite at night and try to maintain the temperature of the room while sleeping.

6. Change your lifestyle

Consuming a healthy and balanced diet is crucial for a good sleep. Try to eat healthy and reduce carbs from your diet. Foods like salmon, eggs and cheese are said to induce a better-quality sleep.

Try consuming supplements such as magnesium and melatonin as these are known trigger the sleep hormone and consequently help us sleep better.

Exercising daily also has a very positive effect on sleep, however you should avoid exercising right before bed as it will make your mind and body more active.

7. Reduce your naps

Try to not take a nap after 3pm as it will then make it difficult for you to fall asleep at night. Also, avoid taking naps of more than 20 minutes as it will send a confused signal to the brain that it’s night time.

8. Choose a comfortable bedding

Your bedding plays a key role in determining your sleeping pattern so choose your bedding very wisely. Try to opt for sheets that are made with natural materials like Tencel as it has a lot of qualities that will you sleep better at night. These Tencel sheets are made from eucalyptus fibers and are extremely soft, hypoallergenic and regulates body temperature at night by maintaining moisture. These sheets are available at The Linen Company for the first time in Pakistan to make you sleep better than ever.

Happy Sleeping!

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