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Article: Our Guide On Finding The Perfect Bed Sheet Size

Bed sheet size
bed sheets

Our Guide On Finding The Perfect Bed Sheet Size

What size is a queen bed sheet? What is a king-sized bed sheet? Are they the same? Why is a queen-sized bed sheet too small for your bed but a King-sized one is too big? The Linen Company is here to help you figure out! Here is our guide for you to find the perfect size for your bed sheets.

Bed sheet size

Step 1: Measure Your Bed's Size

You can't decide the correct size for your bed sheets until you know your bed properly. Make sure to measure the length and width of the bed and then also the height of your mattress since that also makes a difference. You may use a measuring tape available at home or check your mattress’s dimensions from its retailer to figure out its size. 

Bed sheets

Step 2: Check The Dimensions Before Buying

You can tally and match these sizes when you are shopping for any bed sheet. Online websites mention sizes in dimensions or provide you with a size chart to get a better idea before purchasing. You can also see the dimensions mentioned on the packaging. Be sure to check the size and select the perfect one for your specific bed. 

Though the two steps are very easy but if you still want to skip step 2, determine the bed sheet size for you right now using the chart below: 

Bed sheet sizes

You can also check the size chart for any of our products on our website right next to the size selection menu or read this article if you require more details. We hope that this eases some of your bedding shopping hassles and it's ok if it doesn't, reach out to us on our Instagram. We shall be happy to help you out!

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