It's The Season Of Travelling - Don't Forget These Essentials!

Summers call for extravagant holidays and there is one packing essential that always goes ignored while packing; bedding and bath necessities. Based on our experiences, here are some things you should keep with you for your trips, especially those going up north.

travel blanket

Something For The Journey

Though we all prefer air conditioned coasters while travelling, as some time goes by in a closed environment or the altitude gets higher, the surrounding starts becoming unbearably cold. In such conditions, using a jacket or sweater only covers your torso so we have something that takes the same amount of space but saves both you and your friends; a blanket. Keeping a soft and cozy plush blanket can be a lifesaver and will not only assist you during the journey but will also protect you through chilly nights of stargazing.

Hotel bedding

For Comfortable Nights

A reason why many people are skeptical about travelling is the hygienic conditions of the hotels. Most trips, especially those with travel agencies tend to book three or four star rated hotels and it is always safer to carry along a spare bed sheet and pillowcases to make sure that whatever touches your skin is nice and clean. A weighted blanket can also be good when layered with the provided blanket for better hygiene and extra coziness. 

travel towels

Freshen Up With Safety And Style

Carrying a towel is also good for people who are hygiene conscious since you can use it after a shower or every morning without the risk of returning with your face covered in pimples. Keeping one would save you from a lot of germs and anxiety. 

Seems too extra, right? Sometimes it really is ok to go all out for your comfort so keep most if not all of these things with you depending on your luggage space. 

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