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Have you experienced those restless nights when sleep just doesn't come no matter how hard you try? You try adjusting the pillows, switching sides and toggling with the room's lights. You even try closing your eyes and counting sheep but to no avail. You toss and turn till there's only an hour left till your alarm goes off and you wonder what on Earth is wrong with you! 

If you answered yes, then relax because you're not the only one who has suffered through those long nights. Everyone has struggled with sleep at some point in their lives. Disturbed sleep not only puts you in a cranky mood, it brings with it gloomy dark circles under your eyes and lethargy throughout the day. But just a few tricks can help boost your sleep hygiene instantly, some of them listed below:

1) Lifestyle Changes
When it comes to getting adequate sleep, making amendments to your daily habits and routine is the most important step. Following a sleep schedule is the sharpest tool in the shed because it will regulate your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle, leaving you refreshed and energized. When you look back at your childhood, don't you remember snoring comfortably for hours? It was due to having a fixed bedtime schedule. Using the same old hack in adult life, going to bed early and at a fixed time, you allow your schedule to align with your body’s internal clock, improving the overall quality of your sleep.

Moreover, when they say you are what you eat, they are not far from the truth. So it's important to not let your eating habits interfere with your sleep patterns. Avoid highly caffeinated consumables like coffee, alcohol, or cigarettes in the evening. Eating heavy meals before going to bed can lead to indigestion, keeping you awake for long hours.

Another surprising sleep monster is electronic gadgets. Seems shocking, right? Turns out that your phone, laptop, and TV are the biggest enemies of your sleep. The blue light radiating from them is especially harmful and stimulating for your brain, which is why it is advisable to keep all such devices out from reach at night.

2) Bedroom Ambience

The bedroom is the primary setting for your sleep story, so make sure to design the environment accordingly. Minimalist, calm, and quiet fit the definition. A perfect sleep is governed by a calming external atmosphere, so whatever feels relaxing is undoubtedly the right choice. Your bedroom should have an optimum temperature, so something around 16 to 18 degrees Celsius would ideal. Gradually dim the lights as your bedtime approaches so that the body adapts accordingly. Blinds, shades and blackout curtains come in handy to wipe out any light peeking in from the outside. You may not realize it, but what you need the most is silence. Noise disrupts sleep more than anything else, and you surely don’t want that, do you? It is crucial to lowering down volumes when you sleep. This can be accomplished by using a ceiling fan and keeping your phone on silent at night. Moreover, aromatherapy augments sleep patterns. Why not try using a relaxing essential oil like lavender or cedarwood to elevate the mood of the room?

3) Comfort Level of Your Bed

Your bed is your new best friend. From sharing your pillow tears to imagining all those unrealistic yet happy scenarios, it’s been through all of it with you. So, honor your bed in the best way possible. An innerspring mattress with a medium feel will give you reliable comfort during your sleep. The comforter or duvet that you choose must be light, fluffy, soft, and smooth to touch to be compatible with your sleep. Adding a splash of your favorite color to the bedroom will prove highly effective in giving you a comfortable feeling. Cotton bedsheets with classic yet trendy prints will dress your bed in playful shades as you wake up to a treat of your favorite color each day. This will uplift the tone and the mood of the room. Pillows are a significant component of sleep that cannot be missed out on. Depending on your preference, don’t hesitate to use as many pillows as you need for a sound sleep. Position your pillow in such a way that it supports your head and neck. At the same time, place another pillow between your knees to support the spine. This is a critical factor in regulating your body’s position at night, which is the main reason why you wake up feeling refreshed and physically energized.

4) Ease Your Mind
Is the monster under your bed, or is it living inside your head? It gets problematic to sleep when your brain is continuously juggling the stress and worries from everyday life. Sure, you have a lot of stuff to deal with, but leave everything out of your mind when you lie down. Try unwinding your mind by reading a book, meditating, or praying because anxiety can keep you awake till sunrise. No nightmare compares to staying awake late, so learn to press the pause button on your thoughts and go to sleep. Don’t overstimulate your brain with unnecessary and irrelevant thoughts; instead, distract your mind and relax so that you fall asleep quickly.

You have have more control on your sleep than you'd like to believe. It is only a matter of making the right lifestyle choices, and then sleeping like a baby becomes an every day reality!

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