We, at The Linen Company, aren’t just about selling our bedding products to the customers; instead, we are more concerned with engineering the comfort that you deserve. From production to designing, from printing to packaging, we own everything to bring the well-being and joys to your life through our timeless bed sheet designs, the cloud-soft comforters, the vibrant pillowcases, and much more.

At the core of our business lies your pleasure and comfort. We were named among top exporters of Pakistan up until 2016 when all of a sudden, we decided to connect with our customers directly who were buying our product from high-end retailers within Pakistan and abroad at very higher prices. Our passion for connecting with you and for bringing the highest quality bedding products was something so inspiring that we started our journey from exhibitions, whereby we gained the trust of the people based on our efforts to bring the highest quality products at affordable pricing.


What made an actual difference were the methods we employed and the raw materials that we used to craft and weave this comfort together. We take the utmost pride in using environmentally friendly products that consumed no atmosphere-harming chemicals and used lesser amounts of water than the traditional materials being used. We care about not just the humans but about every living creature and the surroundings they breathe in. This is why we call our bedsheets breathable.

Starting from exhibitions, today, we have a presence within all the three major cities of Pakistan. We currently have five bricks and mortar stores and an exponentially-building community online, and we are planning to expand in every direction to reach out to every household out there to elevate your bedroom experiences. We are incredibly thrilled to knock every bed down with our bedsheets and cover everybody under the cosiness of our comforters and provide appealing prints and duck-feather soft pillow fillings for you to rest your head upon.

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