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Article: Easily Recreate A Hotel Bed At Home

Easily Recreate A Hotel Bed At Home

Easily Recreate A Hotel Bed At Home

Travelling is one of the best things in the world, but sometimes it can also get a little tiresome. This is when you start to look forward to going back to the hotel and sliding in to that comfortable and cloud like bed.

Also, after coming back from a vacation, you definitely miss the place, but you can not deny the fact that you terribly miss sleeping in that soft, cozy and luxurious hotel bed. Don’t worry as we have uncovered the secret behind hotel beds and now you can easily replicate that hotel bed in your own home and enjoy that hotel-like feeling every day without even travelling.

Choose The Right Mattress

Investing in a high-quality mattress is the most important thing. Your mattress needs to be super comfortable otherwise there is no point in decorating the bed if you’ll be tossing and turning all night due to your uncomfortable mattress.

Go For All White

Have you noticed that most hotels opt for white bedding because they are easy to clean by simply bleaching them. Also, white bedding is very luxurious and has a really calming and relaxing affect on your mood.

Keep Thread Count & Material in Mind

T-200 thread count is usually opted by hotels. Also, hotels choose Egyptian Cotton as they are very light weight, breathable and also has a cooling affect.

These Egyptian Cotton sheets are available at The Linen Company.

Use Both Fitted Sheet & Flat Sheet

First you need to add a layer of fitted sheet on top of the mattress to act as a mattress cover. After that you need to add a flat sheet and then tuck it in very neatly. Also, iron the sheet for a crisp look.

Choose The Right Duvet Cover

Choose micro fiber duvet filling and then a good quality duvet cover (Egyptian Cotton). Make sure it is super fluffy and fold it 4 inches from the head board so that there is ample space for pillows.

Throw Blanket

Add on a throw blanket on top of the duvet cover. This will give a fancier look to your bedroom.

Pillows Are Very Important

Don’t shy away from pillows. Start by adding two standard pillows followed by smaller pillows and accent cushions.

The Linen Company offers a wide variety of products in their hotel collection.

Happy Sleeping!

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