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Article: How To Sleep Better In The Summer Season

How To Sleep Better In The Summer Season

How To Sleep Better In The Summer Season

Summers are here and so is the discomfort that comes along with the summer season. We are talking about the hot summer nights and the horror that we go through while sleeping at night.

Heat and humidity can greatly affect your body temperature while sleeping which consequently hinders with the peaceful sleep and you will not wake up well-rested the next morning.

So, quickly grab your notepad as we have some amazing tips and tricks for you to beat the heat this summer no matter how hot it gets.

It Is Time to Change Your Bedsheets

In order to stay cool in a hot summer night, it is crucial to choose the right fabric and color for your bedsheets. Try going for lighter colored sheets that are made of natural and breathable materials like Eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus sheets are naturally cooling and breathable as it allows the air to pass through sheets easily which will allow you to sleep cool and bid farewell to sweaty summer nights. These Eucalyptus sheets are available at The Linen Company for the first time in Pakistan.

Choose The Right Night Clothing

It is super important to wear the right clothing while sleeping. During summers, the right choice is loosely fitted and clothing made of natural materials like cotton. Avoid synthetic materials as it will make you feel hotter.

Take a cold bath

Taking a bath with cold water before bed can keep your body temperature low throughout the night. Cold water on pulse points such as your neck, wrists, behind the knees and elbows can help keeping the body temperature lower.

It Is Best to Sleep Alone

Sleeping next to someone in summers can be a difficult thing as the body heat gets trapped in the sheets and the mattress and makes it hotter. If it is not possible to sleep alone, then try sleeping farther away from each other on the bed so that there is some space in between for the air to flow freely.

Cooling Tools

As the season has changed, you must have carefully placed your hot water bottle inside the cupboard? Well, it’s time to take it out, fill it with water and keep it in the fridge for the entire day. Use it in the same way like in winters, but now it will keep you cool instead of warm.

Now say goodbye to those annoying and uncomfortable sweaty night during summer and sleep cool and wake up fresh!


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