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Article: Your Partner For A Minimalist Bedding Setup!

Your Partner For A Minimalist Bedding Setup! - THE LINEN COMPANY
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Your Partner For A Minimalist Bedding Setup!

As the society evolves with time, minimalism seems to be a lifestyle that is liked and adopted by a majority of people. Its sleek design and clean look astonishes people and generates a sense of inner peace, which is something many seek between their busy schedules. While Pakistanis are still on their way to completely embrace this way of life, one thing that is prolonging this shift seems to be the lack of product options available. Here are ways and products we suggest which are best for minimalist bed setups and easily available in Pakistan.

Bed Sheet

Opt for Solid Bed Sheets

Switching the most notable part of your room to a basic option is one way to form a minimalist vibe in your room. For that, you can switch to using solid bed sheets in place of printed ones and can get whatever color matches your rooms’ vibe the best. For natural and khaki aesthetics, we suggest White, Golden, Bottle Green or other natural colors while shades like Blossom Pink and Plum can be used if you have a floral aesthetic. Just like this, you can match the color of your bed sheets to your room's vibe to accentuate it.

Duvet Cover Set

Mix and Match To Break The Monotony

Having everything in solids might end up making the space look too plain or even dull so adding hints of pattern is the perfect way to add life to minimalist setups. Based on your preferences, you can pair a printed bed sheet with a solid duvet cover if you like less pattern and the other way around if you want the print to stand out more. Using a printed bed spread over solid sheets or a solid blanket over printed sheets are more ways to add print into your setups. 


Add Other Basic Pieces 

Apart from bedding, switching other furniture to simpler alternatives is another easy way to add minimalism to your setups. If changing your printed sofa is too much work, you can lay a solid plush or microfiber blankets to break the print and you can also get a matching foot rest to keep the same aesthetic throughout your room. On top of these, adding a simple furry carpet or a very plain art piece can also help you achieve your desired look.

If you use the aforementioned ways, you can effortlessly satisfy your desire for minimalism and fully transition into a minimalist lifestyle!

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