The Linen Company – Introducing Wool Dryer Balls

Say hello to our new Wool dryer balls! Swap out your old fabric softener and dryer sheets to shorten your drying time with these natural wool dryer balls.

The new heroes of the laundry room reduce drying time, wrinkles, and static. It also softens clothes naturally – keep harmful chemicals off of your family’s laundry and dryer sheets out of landfills. These are made of tightly compressed wool and prevents your laundry from clumping together as it bounces between the layers of fabric.

Dryer balls allow warm air to circulate in a much better way which significantly reduces drying time as well.

Dryer balls

How to Use Dryer balls?

Using these dryer balls is extremely easy. All you have to do is put your wet clothes in to the dryer and then throw in 2-3 dryer balls and turn on your dryer. Also, set the timer less than before as these dryer balls makes clothes dry faster, so you wouldn’t want your clothes to become over dry.

Dryer Balls

When to Replace?

You should know that it is time to replace your dryer balls when you start to notice wool on your clothes from the dryer balls and also when they start looking shaggy.

Dryer Balls

Benefits of Dryer Balls?

  • Reduces energy and time to dry clothes
  • Cost-effective as compared to other alternatives such as dryer sheets.
  • Eco-friendly
  • Reusable
  • Makes fabric softer
  • Reduces wrinkles significantly
  • Makes clothes less static


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