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Article: New Additions to Printed Bedding: Oshibana & Symphony

New Additions: Oshibana & Symphony Bedding Prints

New Additions to Printed Bedding: Oshibana & Symphony

Step into a world where nature's wonders blend seamlessly with artistic finesse as The Linen Company proudly unveils its latest bedding marvels – Oshibana and Symphony!

Introducing Oshibana Bedding Print

Be prepared to be captivated by these two stunning designs that beautifully capture the essence of delicate blooms and enchanting florals. With the promise of a serene botanical oasis and the allure of a harmonious bouquet, these prints are sure to elevate your bedroom decor to a whole new level.

Symphony: A Painting-Inspired Harmonious Bouquet

Step into a dreamy realm with Symphony, a bedding ensemble inspired by the world of paintings. At the heart of this captivating print lies an enchanting Petunia, gracefully accompanied by delicate Clematis in soft pink hues, all set against a canvas of soothing greens, browns, and beiges. Picture scattered Tulips gently dancing amidst this tapestry, evoking a sense of calm and sophistication.

Introducing Symphony Bedding Print

Choose from the fitted or flat bed sheet, the duvet cover, pillowcases, and cushion cover to customize your sleeping sanctuary to perfection.

Oshibana: Nature's Delicate Blooms in Watercolor

Nature enthusiasts and art aficionados, rejoice! The Oshibana print beautifully showcases a harmonious medley of cosmos, chamomile, and Linnaea borealis, captured meticulously in a watercolor painting with a sketchy art style. Against an ivory base color, witness a symphony of pinks, beiges, whites, and greens, intertwining to create a serene botanical oasis right in your bedroom.

Introducing Oshibana Bedding Print

This bedding ensemble elevates your sleeping experience while adorning your sanctuary with an exquisite floral tapestry. Choose from the various options available – fitted or flat bed sheet, duvet cover, pillowcases, and cushion cover – to tailor your bedding setup to your personal taste.

The Linen Company's Symphony and Oshibana prints are more than just bedding; they are artful masterpieces that infuse your bedroom with tranquility, elegance, and a touch of nature's ethereal beauty.

Newly Introduced Symphony Bedding Print

Make your bedroom a haven of enchantment, and let the charm of these two stunning designs create a mesmerizing ambiance you'll love coming home to, night after night.

Sweet dreams await you!

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