Introducing Jacquard Towel Bundles

Good quality towels that are ultra absorbent are a necessity specially in winters as you want to dry yourself as quickly as possible. This is why The Linen Company has introduced a latest range of Jacquard towels that are crafted from pure cotton and densely woven to create our luxuriously soft and absorbent Spa Towels that are sumptuously smooth. Our deluxe towels feature a special weave that makes them lighter, softer, and quicker to dry than ever. They are finished with bands of embroidered stripes for a classic look. 

Jacquard Towels

Jacquard towels are made with a kind of special weave to ensure complex designs and patterns to be woven in to the fabric. Moreover, jacquard weave makes the fabric stronger and more durable as compared to other types of weave.  

Jacquard Towels

What's Included:

  • Bath: 2 Towels
  • Hand: 2 Towels

Pattern Options:

  • Diamond
  • Floral

Jacquard Towels

Color Options:

  • Navy
  • White
  • Charcoal
  • Taupe
  • Lavender
  • Porcelain Blue
  • Soft Pink

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