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Article: Fun Bedding Facts That You Might Not Know

Fun Bedding Facts That You Might Not Know

Fun Bedding Facts That You Might Not Know

Who doesn't want a good night's sleep and staying in bed all day? Research indicates that on average, a person spends 26 years of his life sleeping. This is why it's better to know more about your bed, hence, we have some super fun and interesting bedding facts to enlighten you with.

1. Bedsheets are directly related to the quality of your sleep.
Bedsheets can have a huge impact on your sleep and sleeping on synthetic bedsheets that have chemicals can cause irritation, allergies and acne. 


2. The color of bedsheet is important
The color and type of your bedsheets can affect your relationship. Sleeping on cotton bedsheets is healthy for a relationship while red bedsheets can trigger anger and fights.

3. Bye bye wrinkles
To get an ironed feel with no wrinkles, simply takeout your bedsheets out of the dryer while they are still a little damp. Then place the sheet on the bed.

4. Oeko-Tex Certified
A lot of bedding companies state that they are eco-friendly or that they use organic cotton, but don't be fooled and always look for brands that are Oeko-Tex certified as this indicates that the entire manufacturing process in chemical-free.

sustainable bedding

5. Washing
Most of us are aware that washing sheets is important, but it is equally important to wash your pillows and duvets (once each season). Also, always wash your bedding in a gentle cycle and avoid hot water.

washing bedding

6. Drying
Don't make the mistake of over filling your dryer with sheets as that will simply leave your sheets crumbled. Also, throw in some dryer balls for flawless drying.

 drying bedding

7. Cooling Sheets
Cooling sheets
are super breathable and moisture wicking that naturally help keep you cool in summers and warm in winters.





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