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Article: 10 Must Have Items in Your Bedroom

10 Must Have Items in Your Bedroom - THE LINEN COMPANY

10 Must Have Items in Your Bedroom

Designing a picture-perfect bedroom is super important for a lot of people, however, the question is how to design that perfect look by staying within your budget. There are certain essential items a bedroom must have in order to make the bedroom look flawless.

We have now rounded-up a few must haves for your bedroom that you can pick and choose from based on your personal style and preference.

Layered Bed

A plain unlayered bed can look very empty and will pull the ambiance of the entire room down. So, layer up your bed with comfy sheets, duvet, pillows and a throw blanket to bring character to the room as your bed is the most dominant object of the bedroom.

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Layered bed


A beautiful and elegant dressing table is the second most important item that you should have in your bedroom. This will not only look beautiful but will also give you plenty of storage space for you to organize your things and avoid the clutter.

Dressing table


A comfy rug will make the room look very cozy and inviting. This is also the perfect time to add a pop of color and texture to the room to tie everything together.

Funky rugs

Full-length Mirror

A stylish full-length mirror is a definite must have in your bedroom. It will increase the glamour quotient and will make the room more spacious. Moreover, it would be super easy for you to get ready and see your entire look.

 Full length mirror


Go for some vintage speakers to take your bedroom’s vibe to the next level.



Art is something that will help you showcase your personal style and aesthetic. Hence, hang your favorite painting or build a gallery wall by hanging some travel pictures. This will bring the walls to life and will give the room some instant depth.

 wall art


Go for fresh or artificial flowers (whatever you personally prefer). You can also place some plants in the room to have a nice and fresh vibe.

fresh flowers


Books and magazines will add some personality. You can also opt for a nice book shelf that goes with the aesthetic of your entire bedroom. Also, a nice wooden book shelf will go with any color scheme.

book shelf

Photo frames

Adding a personal touch to the bedroom is super important, so try to place some photo frames to add some snapshots of your life.

photo frames


Lighting is something that will add the finishing touches to the room and the right light will bring the space to life. Mix and match some overhead spot lights, table lamps and floor lamps.

bedroom lighting ideas

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