Top 10 Ideas For a Teenage Bedroom

Teenage bedrooms can be one the most difficult bedrooms to design. They should have a young vibe and also be according to the interests and personality of your teenage kid. Moreover, they should also be aligned with the overall aesthetic and theme of the entire house.

Avoid any annoying arguments between your teen and yourself by following some of our top guidelines on how to decorate your teenager’s bedroom.

Balance Colors

We all know that most of the teenagers like bright and bold colors, however, some prefer neutral color tones as well. This is why, try to use neutral colors for the most dominant parts of the room and if your child is fond of bright colors, then add a pop of color in elements like a rug, curtains or a bold colored sofa.

Teenage bedroom ideas

Plenty of Shelve Space

Ample storage space is something that is a must for a teenager’s bedroom so that everything has a separate drawer. This will make the room a lot less cluttered and will a give clean, organized and spacious vibe.

Teenage bedroom ideas


Create a fun and good looking bed by layering it up. Start of with a fitted sheet to protect the mattress, then add a flat sheet, duvet and a colorful and cozy blanket. Finish off with some printed throw pillows. Shop Now at The Linen Company.

Teenage bedroom ideas

Fun Elements

It is always nice to experiment with fun elements like accessories and artwork. This should be based entirely on your kid’s personality and interests. Incorporate some posters, funky cushions and other fun decorative items.

Teenage bedroom ideas

Display Their Interests

Try to incorporate something related to your teen’s favorite hobby. For example, if your son is interested in cricket, then display a bat as an accessory.

Teenage bedroom ideas


Wallpapers are your go to if you want to elevate the ambiance to the next level. Choose the wallpaper according the overall color scheme of the room.

Teenage bedroom ideas

Add a Pop of Color

Add a pop of your teen’s favorite color and make the room as cozy as possible.

Teenage bedroom ideas

Fun Hangout Spot

Incorporate a fun hangout spot where your child can relax and unwind. This can include a cute little swing or a comfy yet funky sofa chair.

Teenage bedroom ideas

Study Area

Add a study table, a comfortable chair and a table lamp along with some cute stationary holders to encourage your child to study at home.

 Teenage bedroom ideas

Indoor Plants

Keeping indoor plants inside can add freshness and a touch of nature to the room. Also some indoor plants like lavender have a lot of health benefits.

 Teenage bedroom ideas

Happy Decorating!

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