Accidentally Spilled Ink on Your Linen? Let’s remove it together

It is an absolute nightmare for any mom to see their children accidentally spilling ink on their favorite brand-new linen bedsheet.

Ink stains are one of the most difficult ones to remove from fabric and it is very tricky as you need to be very careful while getting rid of them without damaging the delicate fabric. However, we have an awesome list of dos and don’ts in stock for you to easily get rid of those problematic ink stains.


1. Use a hairspray

Use a hairspray that is alcohol based and spray it lightly on the stain. Make sure that there is a very light coating of hairspray on the stain alone and not on the rest of the fabric.

After spraying, let the fabric rest for around 10 minutes and then once the hairspray has helped loosen up the ink stain, gently dab the stain with damp cloth.

Once the ink is removed, wash the linen separately as you don’t want the ink to bleed in to another fabric if some of it still remains in the linen. After this, air dry your linen.

2. Use white vinegar and dish soap

In a tub, add 1 liter of warm water, a tablespoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of dish soap and mix everything together. After mixing, soak your linen in to the water for around 30 minutes and stir the water 3 to 4 times in between.

Take the linen out of the solution and wash it with cold running water and then air dry the fabric.

3. Use a hand sanitizer

Apply some hand sanitizer in the stained area and let it sit for 30 minutes. After this, gently dab the stain with a clean cloth or tissue and then wash with cold water and then air dry the fabric.

4. Try rubbing alcohol

Apply the rubbing alcohol to the stain entirely and make sure that you place something underneath the fabric to stop the ink from bleeding in to something else. Cover the stain with a cloth or tissue paper and place something heavy on top of it for around 30 minutes.

Now, gently dab the ink stain with a tissue paper and avoid rubbing. After this apply some more alcohol and the wash with cold water and air dry afterwards.


1. Avoid rubbing

Don’t rub the fabric as rubbing can make the stain worse as it will lead to spreading of the ink on the rest of the fabric. Instead, use a gentle motion to dab the ink stain with a damp cloth.

2. Avoid hot water

Remember to avoid hot water while washing out the stains from the linen as hot water will make the stain worse and will make it permanent.

3. Avoid using a dryer

Never use a dryer to dry your linen as it tends to make the stains worse. Instead, air dry your linen on a clothing wire outside. This is because the dryer might make the stain worse and will also shrink the fabric.

Good luck removing those stains!

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