Suffering from night sweats and extreme precipitation at night is one of the most annoying things that a person can go through. These night sweats can result in extreme discomfort and can make you feel exhausted in the next morning.   

Sadly, many people around the world suffer from night sweats, especially in summers. This leads to a lack of proper sleep and consequently has a negative effect on one’s overall health.

Where there are several reasons for night sweats, our bedding also plays a huge role in it.

Are you also a hot sleeper and are tired waking up in the middle of the night soaked in sweat? Don’t worry as we have a solution for you which will eliminate your night sweats and will ensure your peaceful sleep.

Change your bedding

Poor quality bedding is a huge reason behind your night sweats. These low-quality beddings are very thick which traps a lot of moisture.

If you experience night sweats then you should opt for a bedding that is lightweight and breathable. One of the best sheets for hot sleepers are the Tencel sheets by The Linen Company’s signature collection. These Eucalyptus sheets have cooling properties and are very lightweight, breathable and maintains the body temperature at night.

Pillows also makes a huge difference

Just like the cooling Tencel sheets, using Tencel pillow covers can also help you fight sweat on your upper body by keeping the moisture away. Also, using natural materials for your pillow filling such as duck feathers can really make a huge difference as they are extremely lightweight and breathable. Now hug your pillows freely while sleeping.

Think about your mattress

Try using a gel memory foam mattress, this will increase breathability and regulate your body temperature by having a cooling effect.

Change your duvet cover

Put aside those extremely thick and heavyweight duvet covers and opt for something lighter. Try using all-natural materials such as 100% linen instead of synthetic materials.

Now that you have all the tips, enjoy your peaceful and sweat less sleep!

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