What Is A Mattress Topper And Why Do You Need One?

Having too firm of a mattress can give birth to or elevate existing body aches, especially back pains. Ask yourself; has your mattress lost its softness or do you wish it was more squishy? If you answered with a yes to any of these, now what? Should you go and get a new one now? (I mean if you can, good for you). Buying a new mattress is a high investment decision and hence, isn't an easy one to make. If you want to give your mattress that extra softness without it being too hard on your pocket, mattress toppers are the thing for you! First off, lets get this out of the way, a mattress topper and a mattress protector are not the same thing! Now that you know, here’s how a topper can help you:

Mattress topper

Extra Softness

mattress topper can definitely satisfy your need for more softness and fluff over your bed. It is basically a thickly padded layer of foam that you can attach over your bed which can certainly boost the mattress’ comfort level and your sleep quality. People who feel restless during sleep or the ones who suffer from back pains, this is a game changer for you!

dust and bugs protection

Protection Against germs

Mattress toppers tend to have an airy layer that is best to protect you from dust particles and also frees you of the worry of any mites or bed bugs. This way, not only does the topper promise good sleep, but it also treats your mattress well. With the topper covering, your mattress remains clean and fresh for a longer time so you are increasing its' life as well. 

mattress topper

Investing in a mattress topper is certainly an easier way to ameliorate your sleeping experience and you know what the best part is? There is no commitment! Remove your topper as per your mood and replace it with way lesser cost to bear. So now close your eyes and imagine this setup with us - A mattress with extra oomph, a beautiful soft bed sheet over it and an equally soft duvet cover with the fluffiest filling, is this heaven or what?

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