Raid The Store: The Linen Company

The Linen Company is really excited to share that our products were featured by none other than Siddy Says. We are thrilled to be a part of this incredible feature!

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 Siddy Says


Author: Amna Niazi

We are always looking for great quality stuff when it comes to home décor. While it is important to have the right furniture that reflects your personality, accessories and equally if not more important. And if you are like me with a perpetual love affair with the bed, linen ranks top of the priority list. The Linen Company 

It is not only important to have beautiful bedroom adornments, they should be comfortable and good quality (since I end up changing and washing sheets twice a week)

While we are a cotton rick country, it always pained me to see why we do not have better quality home stores, especially linen stores. My annoyance is now at because I was introduced to The Linen Company.

Here is what I found at the store when we were invited to Raid their store in Lahore, and while the quality and pricing go hand in hand, I ended up buying heaps of things for my home. Have a look.

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