Quick Tips To Elevate Your Bathroom For A Clean And Minimalistic Look

Looking for sleek, minimal bathroom design ideas? Do you long for a clutter-free, elegantly designed bathroom that brings you joy? By adding a few touches such as changing fixtures and minimal décor while decluttering the unnecessary stuff, you can revamp your bathroom in no time! The Linen Company brings you some quick tips to elevate your bathroom without having to remodel it entirely.


Start by removing the unwanted things that you have not touched in a decade. The number of items you'll notice that don't really belong there may surprise you, including the moisturizer that gave you breakouts, hotel freebies you took from your most recent trip, and a curling iron you haven't used in a decade. Decluttering itself is therapeutic! You'll feel more at ease, relaxed and in charge.




Adding minimalist and modern bathroom accessories beautifies the bathroom, but make sure you do not stuff items in there. Decor can range from scented candles, vanity marble trays to vanity lights. Add a freestanding ladder for a spa-like feel. You can even put plush towels and bathrobes on the ladder which are within arm's reach of the soaking tub.

bathroom vanity trays


Fluffy bath towels are the ultimate bathroom indulgence, providing you a true refuge of comfort as you step out of the shower. You can fold your bath towels in a variety of artistic methods, such as an origami or by layering different colors to give any bathroom a calm atmosphere. White towels will add to the minimalistic touch while giving off a luxurious spa like look. You can even buy a towel bundle and place them on a towel rail. 

white towels


Adding sleek and minimal fixtures that match your bathroom’s design and color palette can enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom to a great extent. You do not need to purchase an expensive designer faucet. Various options are available that are affordable and yet classy!

bathroom modern fixtures
Have fun redesigning your bathroom!

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