Night Time Routine for A Flawless Skin

Every step you take before slipping into your duvet can predict the smoothness of your skin in the morning.

Sometimes even a small tweak to your night time routine can make a 1000 watt difference to the glow of your skin.

Follow these steps before going to bed to wake up with a flawless skin:

1. Cleanse your Skin of Dirt, Oil and Makeup 

Just washing your face is not sufficient. A cleanse that reaches deep into your pores and prevents build up is more important than you think. So invest into a mild cleanser to your face washing regime, and see the difference it will make. 

2. Wash Your Pillow Case Often 

Dead skin and bacteria builds up in your pillowcases as you toss and turn at night. Mix it with dust, your pillowcases soon becomes a breeding ground of acne causing germs and pore clogging particles. It's best to wash them every 3 to 4 days and you'll see the difference when those mysterious pimples on your cheeks will disappear suddenly. 

3. A Good Night's Sleep 

The legend behind beauty sleep is not exaggerated! Sleeping for at least 8 hours each night actually helps in making your skin more plump, hydrated and fresh, making you look younger and prettier! So get comfy at night and ready to wake up beautiful in the morning doing nothing but snoring.

4. A Peaceful Environment 

Your surroundings play a major role in maintaining your physical and mental well being. Sleeping in a room with calming colors, soft bed sheets, cozy duvet covers and uncluttered surroundings makes you think and feel better, which eventually shows on your skin.

5. Load on Moisturizer

A well hydrated skin cannot be wrinkled easily. So load on lots of moisturizer before you get in bed to prevent your skin from early signs of ageing. 

6. Sateen or Silk Pillowcase 

Keep your hair and skin friction free by using a pillow case that's smooth and soft in texture, so while you toss and turn deep in your sleep, your skin doesn't wrinkle due to rough surfaces. 

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