How To Choose the Perfect Pillow?

Pillows plays a great role in how well we sleep at night as a wrong pillow can cause multiple problems like neck and shoulder pain as well as disturbed sleeping pattern. This is why it is extremely important to choose the right pillow for yourself. Also, a deflated and old pillow can disturb your posture as your shoulders and neck will not get enough support to fully align your body leading to stiffness and lack of sleep.

Ideally you should replace your pillows before three years or you can simply test your pillows to see whether they need a replacement or not. If your pillows have stains or bad odor then it needs to be changed as your pillows contains a lot bacteria which can lead to severe allergies.

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You can also check the life of a pillow by folding it in half and if it remains folded instead of bouncing back to the original shape then it is definitely the time to change it.

So, now if you have decided to change your pillow and have searched the internet, you might find hundreds of brands to choose from. Well, don’t worry as we have a complete guide for you so that you can choose the right pillow.


There are a lot of options available when it comes to filling. So, lets explore some of the best options.

  • Microfiber: Microfiber filling is filled with microfiber polyester and is very fluffy and soft. Shop for Microfiber pillow filling by clicking here.
  • Down and Feather: Down feather filling is made from animal products which is really soft. Shop for Duck Feather by clicking here.

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Try to opt for natural materials for the fabric that covers your pillow as it will be more breathable and will protect your pillow filling form bacteria.


This depends on your own preference whether you prefer light weight pillows or heavy weight pillows. Down filling pillows are usually lightweight as compared to other types of filling.


The most important thing is quality so always read the reviews before buying the pillow.


Pillows are available in two main sizes: King and standard.

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