Fun Sleep Facts That You Might Not Know

We have some super interesting and fun sleep facts in store for you.

1. On average, we spend around 1/3rd of our life while sleeping.

2. We tend to forget most of our dreams within the first five minutes of waking up.


3. Research suggests that sleep deprivation is more likely to kill you as compared to food deprivation.

4. 88% people have colored dreams while only 12% dream in black and white.


5. World record for the longest time without any sleep is eleven days in California.

6. Sleeping on your front is linked to better digestion and sleeping on the left side will reduce heart burn.


7. Among all mammals, humans are the only ones that delay sleep willingly.

8. We tend to get most tired two times a day; 2PM and 2AM.

9. Regularly exercising will improve the sleeping pattern. However, exercising immediately before sleeping can disturb sleep.


10. Pain tolerance is usually reduced when you are sleep deprivation.

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