8 Things All Of Us Are Guilty Of Doing In Winters

Winters are here and it seems absolutely impossible to get out of that warm and cozy bed in the morning. Also, as the temperature falls, all our guilty pleasures have sneaked out of the cupboards.

1) Wearing a Hundred Layers

Yeah, we are all guilty of doing this - wearing at least five to six layers in order to keep away the chill. We know, it gets really exhausting.

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2) Being Sluggish All Day

Being sluggish all day long and not doing anything other than lying down on the sofa snuggled under a warm blanket. This surely is a guilty pleasure that we all want. 

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3) Not showering for days

Who wants to shower during winters? it is not like there is any dirt or sweat, so we can easily skip up to 2-3 days.. makes total sense! 

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4) Excessive eating/drinking

 Did you say coffee?

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5) Too Much Heating

Who cares how bad the heaters are for skin. If possible, we could even sit on them. 

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6) Weddings Where Unexpectedly You Don’t Feel Cold Anymore

Never let winters come in way of fashion!

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7) Cancel Plans With Friends To Stay In Bed

Cancelling plans again and again just to stay in bed with a hot mug of coffee and your favorite movie is the best part of winters. 

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8) No Waxing

As your arms and legs are covered during winters, why get waxed and waste time?

winter memes


Happy Winters!

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