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Our premium bathrobes are the ultimate in comfort and luxury. We have curated this clean-style, plush robe that resonates with comfort and style. The neutral undertones of the stylish microfiber outer shell are enhanced with a luxurious long-lasting finish. It's 100% cotton.
Whether looking for a men’s robe or a women’s bathrobe, these versatile, unisex microfiber robes are the essence of comfort and luxury. The easy wash and dry care, (even hang to dry) is especially important for today’s consumer!


 Measurements in cm
  Standard Large Tolerance in measurements
A.Chest Back  56 64 Max. 1 cm
A1.Chest Front 36.5 40.5 Max. 0,5 cm
B.Bottom Back 58 66 Max. 1 cm
G.Length CB 109 114 Max. 1 cm
L.Sleeve length 57.5 59.5 Max. 1 cm
H.Armhole 24 28 Max. 0,5 cm
N.Cuff 17 18 Max. 0,5 cm
P.Pocket Size 17*18 17*18 Max. 0,5 cm
S.Sholder 17 18 Max. 0,5 cm
Belt 180 180 Max. 1 cm


What's Included:

1 Bathrobe


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Here are some helpful tips to prolong the life of your new favourite bedding:

  • Keep your bedding clean by washing it at least once a week.
  • Wash it in cool water and use a gentle cycle to avoid damaging the fabric.
  • Separate light and dark colors to prevent bleeding.
  • Use a small amount of mild liquid detergent to avoid weakening the fabric.
  • Avoid bleach, powder detergents, and harsh chemicals.
  • Line drying is best, but if you use a tumble dryer, set it on low heat to prevent discoloration.
  • Store your bedding in a cool and dry place with limited sunlight and sufficient air circulation.
  • Don't store it in plastic or cardboard containers.
  • Make sure your bedding is completely dry and folded properly before storing it.

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Dr Misbah Asad
I recieved the courrier but didn’t opened it till yesterday

Today I opened it towel gown /bathrob unexpected to be good quality and size is sufficient like I want till mid calf and cover the belly properly 😀but towel quality is little bit compromised