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Article: Why is Our Beauty Sleep Important?

Why is Our Beauty Sleep Important?
Beauty sleep

Why is Our Beauty Sleep Important?

We have all heard people say that sleep is extremely essential for our overall well-being and our beauty, but does a good night’s sleep really has an effect on our beauty and skin’s health? Well, the answer is a definite yes!   

Like our body, our skin also works the entire day and requires rest in form of a good seven to eight hours of sleep. This allows our skin to relax, rejuvenate and regenerate itself for the next day.

Let’s see what wonders our beauty sleep can actually have on our beauty.

Radiant Completion

Have you tried every skincare product available to get rid of that dull and boring skin? Forget about the products and concentrate on your sleep. This is because sleeping well at night leads to healthier and glowing skin as blood flow to the face increases when you sleep which results in a glowing skin in the morning.

Slow Down Aging

Collagen is a protein that makes our skin more elastic and our skin has the tendency to produce collagen when we are asleep. Hence, more sleep means more collagen production and consequently, less wrinkles and fine lines.

Another anti-oxidant (Melatonin) is produced at night while we sleep which makes our skin healthier and younger.

Goodbye Puffy Eyes

Most of us suffer from dark circles and puffy eyes. This is mainly due to a lack of quality sleep. Therefore, get enough sleep so the blood flows adequately and you can get rid of those rigid eye bags.

Skincare Products become more effective

Our beauty products can become much more effective while we are sleeping as the skin is already repairing itself and the products can make the repairing more effective.

Stronger Hair

Lack of sleep can cause hair fall this is because blood flow to our hair also increases while we sleep. This blood flow brings all the nutrients to our hair which makes them healthier and stronger.

Concentrate on your beauty sleep and don’t forget to choose the right bedding that can help you sleep comfortably and be gentle on your skin!

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