Ways To Visually Cool or Warm Your Bedroom

Color tones have a huge impact on our mood and greatly affects our emotions too. Warmer colors such as red, orange and yellow are linked to several emotions like happiness, passion, love and anger. On the other hand, cooler color tones such as purple, green and blue are said to induce stimulating emotions such as sadness and calmness.

Tones are also really important to style your bed as well as your bedroom, it transforms your bedroom in to something new by just changing the color tones. So, here are a few ideas to keep you updated!

Warm and cool tones

Warm Tones

As the name indicates, warm colors will make you think of warmer things such as heat and sunlight. Visually, warmer colors make the bedroom look cozier and more intimate. However, warmer tones can also make your room look smaller, so if you have an already smaller space, then using warmer tones can make it look even more smaller.

Bigger rooms can benefit from warmer tones by either painting the wall with warm colors or using accessories (rugs, duvets, sofa) in warm tones.

bedroom with warm color tones

Cool Tones

Cool color tones will make your bedroom looks very cool and soothing. These tones are perfect for smaller bedroom as it will make the space look more spacious. Try to paint the walls blue for that refreshing look.

Bedroom with cooler color tones

Balance Is the Key

It is super important to balance the colors, using all warm tones or all cool tones can make your room look unpleasant. Incorporate a mixture of both the color tones, if your room is big then try to use warmer tones for more dominant things like the walls and the bed while adding cooler tones for smaller accessories, vice versa.


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