Waffle Collection - Presenting All New Colors

Say hello to new colors in waffles! Made from our super soft, lightweight and breathable 100% cotton waffle weave. Perfect for year-round sleep-ins - it’s like breakfast in bed, without all the carbs.

Our waffle collection has a crisp and clean texture, timeless bedding that will blend well with any décor or color scheme - modern or traditional.

All Year Season Blanket: Our Waffle collection is soft, cozy, and breathable. These provide warmth during Winter Season and provide coziness in air conditioning during Summers.

Luxurious Design: A soft touch feeling with woven weave design to match up any type of bedroom, in addition to the weave design, it's porous nature allows more breathability, allowing more fresh air to reach you to keep you warm and relaxed.

Quality and Comfort: It's loosely woven weave makes it possible to use any time of the year, perfect for winter to keep you warm and cool even on summer days. Durable superior soft yarns and deep plain border edge for long-lasting performance. This luxurious premium quality blanket gets softer after each and every wash.

Material: 100% Cotton

Easy Care: Machine washable in cold water, tumble dry on low heat, and don’t bleach.

Salmon Pink

duvet set

Duvet set

duvet set

Frosted Ice

duvet set

duvet set

duvet set

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