The Best Way To Fold Your Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets make your life so easy and hassle free, however, it’s quite frustrating and hard to fold those fitted sheets as all of us struggle to do so. So, instead of just rolling up the fitted sheet in to a giant untidy ball and throwing it in the cupboard, try to follow this easy step by step guide on how to neatly and quickly fold a fitted sheet.

Step 1: Take out your freshly washed and dried fitted sheet. Then hold the fitted sheet length-wise (from two adjacent corners).

Step 2: Flip your sheets inside out and place your hands inside each corner. Now your hands should be inside each corner and the opening of the fitted sheet should face towards your body.

Step 3: Bring your right hand towards your left hand to tuck both the corners together. Make sure that the two corners are perfectly aligned and are in one hand. Now you have folded the sheet in half.

Step 4: Now tuck in the third corner that is facing the front.

Step 5: Now tuck in the last corner that is left.

Step 6: Lay down your C shaped fitted sheet on flat table. Flip the sheet to fold it neatly.

Good Luck!

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