5 Essential Parts of Any Bedding

Here are the 5 main bedding elements that are an essential part of a bedding all over the world. You can mix and match and choose the combination that suits best to your comfort, taste and style:

Bed sheets can be flat or fitted, with each one serving a different purpose on the mattress. A flat sheet lays directly on top of the mattress and is usually tucked in on the end of the bed. A fitted sheet will have elastic stitched into the seam around the entire piece of fabric and fits down over the corners of the mattress and tucks underneath it. It will have a tag or some other indicator of what end is the bottom end of the fitted sheet.


A duvet cover surrounds your comforter or duvet to keep it protected and clean. It is like a massive pillowcase for your duvet that can be washed separately. A duvet cover typically has simple loops or tabs to attach to the duvet on the inside and button closures on the bottom to keep the duvet secure. A duvet cover can be changed with the season, temperature, or based on your mood!


Bed spread is a large piece of heavier material that rests directly on top of your bed sheets or on top of the mattress itself (if you do not use bed sheets on your bed). Some bedspreads might have stuffing in between two large pieces of fabric to create a downy cushion of warmth, whereas others can be just a large piece of heavier fabric with a stitched seam around all four sides.


These are covers added above the top flat sheet for keeping you warm. They have the same purpose as the duvets and the comforters just they are made of thicker material rather than fill. You choose them according to he seasons with different thickness and fill. The blankets are usually larger than the duvet and you can tuck them under the mattress.


Could be part of your bed sheet set or bought separately to use as a top cover for your pillows. They are also a decorative piece for your bed as you can choose an accent with the desired patterns. The sizes of course are determined by the size of the pillow.

Choose all or mix and match different combinations to achieve a look and feel you enjoy the most! 

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