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Know The Weaves For Your Bedding

There are two basic types of weave in sheet land: percale and sateen.

Percale is what’s known as a plain weave, meaning the threads cross over and under each other evenly, typically in a one-to-one ratio. It tends to be crispier with a matte finish, drier in feel, lightweight, and cooler overall.

Sateen on the other hand, is a satin weave, meaning the threads in one direction skip over those in the other direction, in a three- or four-to-one ratio. That gives the fabric more of a sheen, a smoother and silkier finish, a heavier drape, and a warmer feel.


Always Check For Size

Make sure the fitted sheets you buy are deep enough to accommodate your mattress. Pillow-top and hybrid mattresses can be quite tall—15 inches or more—so check the pocket height before buying. 

Sheet sets almost always come with two pillowcases. Sizes are generally standard, with regular cases measuring that’s 20″ x 30″. Twin, full, and queen sets will typically come with regular-size cases.



Measure Your Bed

You're probably familiar with a twin or queen or king size bed. But did you know that there is no absolute standard measurement for beds with these names? While the top measurements are rather consistent from maker to maker, there is some variation.  So before you go shopping, measure your bed carefully, noting the dimension from top to bottom, side to side, and the thickness of the mattress. Some are wider than others or longer. Be sure you know exactly what you need when you shop.

Learn About Thread Count in Bed Sheets

Right on the front of the label, the manufacturer will tell you the thread count of the sheets. This refers to the number of threads per square inch in both directions in the weave. The higher the thread count, the more luxurious the feel of a fabric. But beware, as a higher thread count usually means that the individual threads are thinner and may not wear as well. For good wear and to get the softest feel, we suggest you choose a thread count above 200 but no lower than 175.



Buy More Bed Sheets Than You Need

If you've spent a lot of time deciding on what bed sheets to buy, you won't want to have to do it again soon. Consider buying two or three sets that are identical so you can trade off. If something spills on the bottom sheet, you can replace just that. If someone puts a foot through the top sheet, you won't have to start over. And be sure to buy extra pillow cases for freshness.



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