Most of our time is spent lying on those comfortable sheets, so when these sheets care so much for you, then it is our responsibility as well to take proper care of our sheets.

Beddings can last for generations when given the right attention and care. So here are some tips to clean your sheets.

  1. Check the labels
    Carefully read all the labels on the packaging so see if there are any specific requirements that are to be followed while washing.
  2. Use a mild laundry detergent
    A mild detergent will be gentle on the clothes and will ensure the softness of the fabric.
  1. Wash with hot water
    Hot water will kill most of the germs as well as those annoying dust mites.
  1. Regularly wash your sheets
    Don’t forget to wash your sheets every other week as the sheets accumulate a lot of particles including dead skin cells and dust mites.
  1. Wash the sheets separately
    Wash the sheets on their own to avoid dullness and to ensure that the darker colors don’t bleed into the lighter colors.
  1. Properly dry your sheets
    Let your sheets dry on the clothing wire outside as sunlight is also a natural disinfectant.
  1. Ironing
    Iron the sheets before folding.
  1. Storing sheets
    Store the sheets in a cool and dry area. Also, avoid using plastic boxes to store your sheets.
  1. Keep the entire bedsheet set together
    Fold the pillow cases into the bedsheet so it is easier to find your bedsheet set later.

Happy Cleaning!

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