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Article: How To Layer Your Bed Like a Designer

How To Layer Your Bed Like a Designer

How To Layer Your Bed Like a Designer

Thoughtful styling creates a welcoming atmosphere to your home and as your bed is the center and the most dominant piece of furniture in your bedroom, it needs to be the most stylish and attractive. Moreover, it should also showcase your own style and personality.

To make your bed as comfortable as a cloud and as stylish as possible, The Linen Company brings you some cool tips to follow. So, let’s get started.

Fitted Sheet

Fitted sheets are one of the most luxurious bedding accessories that can enhance the look of your bed immediately and give it a neat and hotel-like finish. Fitted sheets are also very helpful in protecting the mattress. Hence, the first layer should be your fitted sheet.

Fitted sheet set

Top Sheet

Top sheet or flat sheet is the second layer that will come on your bed after the fitted sheet.

Bedsheet set

Duvet Cover

The third layer that will luxuriously transform your bed is a duvet cover. Filled with down or feather filling, your duvet will keep you warm and will also make sure that your bed looks beautiful. Moreover, in summers you can also use the duvet cover without a filling.

Duvet cover set


Adding a bedspread or a cover let over the duvet will give your bed an oomph instantly. You can use a bedspread of the same color or add one that is contrasting with duvet or your bedroom’s overall color scheme.


Big Shams

Now its time to place some big shams against the headboard. This will lead to a cozy look and will act as a support when sleeping as well as a decoration during the day. These will be placed behind your standard pillows.

Pillow Shams

Standard Pillows

Pop a few standard pillows in front of the shams. These pillows should be really comfortable as you will be sleeping on these and you definitely wouldn’t want to wake up with a stiff neck due to a bad pillow choice.

Standard Pillowcases

Decorative Cushions

Hang in there, as now we are just about to add some final touches to you comfy and lush bed. So, now its time to mix and match some decorative cushions and keep in mind that this the best time to add a pop of color and texture to your bed.

Decorative Cushions


Finally, throw a blanket at the foot of the bed to complete your lavishly decorated bed.

Plush Blankets

We are sure that this will not just transform your bed but will also take your bedroom as well as your mood to a next level.

Visit The Linen Company to provide you with everything you need!

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