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Article: How To Freshen Up Your Bedding For Summers

How To Freshen Up Your Bedding For Summers

How To Freshen Up Your Bedding For Summers

Summers are finally here and it's time to switch off your hibernation mode and get out in the sun and have some fun with your family and friends as this is exactly what summers are about. 

However, before you start having fun, remember to take your summer bedding out and get rid of of duvets and blankets. We at The Linen Company have some awesome laundry tips for you to quickly get your summer bedding ready.

Wash Your Sheets

Sheets can accumulate bad bacteria and smell weird after being stored for a long period of time. Hence, it is important to wash your sheets before using them at the start of a new season. 

Wash your sheets with a mild detergent and luke warm water.

washing bedsheets

Take Your Sheets Outside

Take your sheets out side and place them on the line under the sun as this has a number of advantages such as:

  • Eco-friendly as it reduces carbon footprint by avoiding the use of a dryer.
  • Your sheets will dry quicker.
  • The sunlight will kill any sort of bacteria buildup in your sheets. 
  • Sunbathing is great for white bedsheets as sunlight is a natural bleach and will remove any discoloration, leading to whiter sheets.  
  • The sunlight will help you get rid of the smell that your sheets have after sitting in the cupboard for the entire winter season. 
  • Reduced wrinkles

drying bedsheets

Fold Your Sheets

After taking your laundry off the clothing wire, fold them neatly after lightly ironing them. The store your sheets in a well ventilated and accessible area so you can use them all summer. 

 laundry tips


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